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K'fish rebuild by Pacific Fuel Injection

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Before and After pics.


After fifty years it was time. 

Back to original specifications. 

Per my request and on time delivery.

Five pages of installation instructions.


What more could an OCD guy ask for.  





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Your cost & lead times?


Pacific Fuel Injection:   Mr. Gus Pfister:  650-588-8880.


Talk to Gus.  (I don't want to be "the middle man").







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Jaymic do a good job, I bought one outright fully refurbished and looking like the one pictured, the car is running beautifully now, it’s funny how you gradually get used to it slowly running poorly. If you are sending yours out to be done? the price will be reflective of the work required. HTH


i should add type C pumps are getting harder to find, if you have one you may need to get your own rebuilt and not buy one outright.

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9 hours ago, chargin said:

11 days door to door from Pasadena to Redding and back


Fairchild?  He does great work and FAST.   He doesn't re-plate external hardware unless asked to.

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