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Hello Everyone- a newbie here- I have a treasure...a 1972  BMW 2002 tii round tail light.  A dear friend passed away and left his cars(also a 1987 BMW 3 series white convertible and a 1997 3 series black coupe) to me to sell, with all $$ going to cancer research.  If only I could keep them...  many a fun ride in all of them...the 2002 has not been driven or started in approx a year, but it ran beautifully and am sure it would be easy to start-a jump and a tweak.  Standard of course.The owner always loved to work on it, and has made many mods.  Was originally orange but silver when he bought it 2011? The car has been parked in an underground parkade for many years.  Lots of parts + tools avail.  File with repair + parts details + handbook. Am in East Vancouver, can show it anytime.  Any interest out there ?  thanks!


2002 front.jpg

2002 rear.jpg

2002 side.jpg

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