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Fitment, backspacing and handling

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As I understand it, ideal offset is 25-26mm, and ideal backspace is 4.5 inches. Using the chart below, that corresponds to a width of 6 inches on the wheel. If I want to use a 7 inch wide rim, to keep the offset the same, I would need to use 0.5 inches (12.7mm)of spacers, correct? 


Assuming the above is true, will the use of spacers affect handling?






Wheel Offset and Backspacing Conversion Chart

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33 minutes ago, Steven Hage said:

15x7 et25 is the pretty standard size for a 2002 with stock fenders.

Assuming stock springs, with this set up, do you expect to need spacers?

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In the back, 15x7 et25 is great.


In front, there's barely enough room for a tire on that.  


The dance is strut clearance (the higher the et, the farther in the rim sits)

versus the fender lip.  I had great luck with et25's with some OZ's and 195-50


BUT I was running front camber plates on top.


A 7xet30 wheel may run the tire into the strut, but if it did, then a spacer

gets you out of jail.  

A 7xet25 wheel may run the tire into the fender, but if it does, then you have

to pull the fender.


And a spacer is the same, from a handling perspective, as changing the rim offset.


As far as the car is concerned, an et30 wheel with 5mm spacer is an et25 wheel.


that's not much help, is it?




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4 hours ago, TobyB said:

And a spacer is the same, from a handling perspective, as changing the rim offset.


Responded earlier, but wasn't signed in so this may end up being a repeat.


The effect of changing wheel offset being more stable as the track is widened as well more difficult to turn the steering wheel at low speeds, correct?


I intend to use a camber plate up front. Is there an advantage to using an adjustable camber plate vs fixed if I will only take to the track occasionally?




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Yeah, sounds about right.  but.

The increase in stability's not much, but the steering effort goes up fast!


As to camber plates, until you go to a smaller spring, there's not much

gain to be had.  The stock spring is very close to the inner fender.


Once you go to smaller springs, the extra expense of adjustable plates

is worth it for track days- you'll make it back in reduced tire wear pretty quickly,

and it makes for a much more fun and balanced car.


And taking the camber out for the street makes the car a lot more docile.


just my '02,




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