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infomercial - product review

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about a year ago i bought some sound deadener from Amazon...it has sat, unopened in the box until today....i did the floors on the 72, we are leaving the center tunnel, original insulation...it was extremely easy to lay down and shaped to whatever contour i laid it on...i did a couple of overlays and you can barely see them...each piece is slightly larger than a front floor pan, top to seat rail frames


i bought the larger box and will have enough left to do another car, maybe more...no odor at all and in my opinion, a good bang for the buck when you compare it to the snooty stuff...available in black of reflective...i bought the black



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i forgot to mention, the adhesion is very good..don't let it fold back on itself or it's garbage...i stuck it down by hand then used a small hand roller that i use for covering things with vinyl...i believe just pressing in in place by hand would suffice


i'm going to put it inside the doors and rear panels, behind & under the rear seat...


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Their instructions actually say to roll it until the diamond pattern is ironed out.  They say that is the purpose of the pattern. 


It is neat that it also comes in black. 


I love sound dampener, but did not put much of it back on my floor after stripping/painting it.  A little goes a long way.


I patched a rust hole on my subaru, by putting a piece on each side and letting them fuse together in the hole. 

That wouldn't be acceptable behavior on a 2002, of course!



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4 hours ago, mosman58 said:

What preparation of the body did you do? Just a good clean or did you put some anti-rust on just to be sure.

i removed the old underlayment, mine was torn and crap or i would have left it, vac'd wire brushed the loose stuff, vac'd wiped with a rag and cleaner and stuck it to the floor


i firmly believe that when it comes to sticky stuff, the cleaner the more successful the adhesion...i didn't spend a day and night scrubbing but i tried to get it reasonably clean...i tried to lift it after i rolled it and it is stuck to the floor so that i won't worry about it...besides the carpet is going to be on top of it

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