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76 Mintgrun on BAT sells for $63k! Must be a new record.....

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I was quite disappointed to see that all the original dirt had been removed from the rims ....... very sad, very sad.   Cheers,   Carl    

Don’t tell Slavs. 

For God's sake. Why are these people sticking VW inspired roof racks on 02s. Our cars have so much space in the trunk and back seat for luggage. We're not driving around VW Beetles. People, our cars a

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F-ing bonkers.

It is in very nice restored condition, but not perfect. And, it’s a ‘76 for crying out loud, big bumpers and all! Beyond its overall condition the other big selling points must’ve been it’s appearances at the 2 very well known Concours and it’s entry in the Icons book.


So what does this make my restored, ‘74 Sahara big bumper tii in better condition worth???



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1 hour ago, 72pdx02 said:

Money laundering? But what do I know? Hunter selling 2002s now 

Can move much larger quantities of money much easier on art. Personally I think everyone’s overlooking the real reason for the huge numbers….mintgrün 😬 Step aside Inka, every flipper is on the phone with their painter right now asking if it’s too late to change color. 

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28 minutes ago, joysterm said:

what’s a well sorted roundie gonna fetch although there was only two bidders flexing... some sanity remains  

Apparently the people now value a stock car, showing, IMO, their lack of 02 knowledge, a stock 02, again in my opinion, is a good jumping off point, add springs, bars, and shocks all reversible to make a great driver.  MY 74 new at the time lasted 5 days before the was done 😲, and the next week a built 72 engine was installed with a Alpina 300' cam 9.5 to 1 pistons duel Weber's and header was installed along with a 75% lsd, crazy I don't know I saved all the stock parts don't regret it in the least bit. 

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If you look at the bid history, the high final price had very little to do with the value of the car and everything to do with two bidders that went back and forth, again and again because one, the other or both wanted a Mint Grün square light 2002 in mostly original condition. Something triggered both of them.


The sale price of this car has very little to do with nearly any other ‘02 for sale now or in the near future, unless, the loosing bidder finds a comparable car that sparks their interest again. That said, if anyone has a super clean Mint Grün squarie, they’d be willing to part with, they’d best track that loosing bidder down.

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I think the fact that the description in ICON called it the “rarest of the rare” maybe had a little bit to do with it. Original though not perfect and low miles probably didn’t hurt either. Hey, however people want to spend their money. My family and friends thought I was nuts for spending a lot for my tii. One of the best purchases I ever made. 

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7 minutes ago, Charles in PA said:

… low miles probably didn’t hurt either…


The odometer was reported to have turned over — so perhaps we remove low miles from the secret sauce that attracted $63K, Charles. 😉


Best regards,





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