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Installing new URO rear quarter window seals

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Having read the tech articles on how to install new quarter window seals on my 73 2002 I figured it wasn't going to be easy but this is ridiculous!!

I have a mix of new BMW and URO seals, unfortunately I only have URO rear quarter window seals. Having heard of dimensional problems with their seals I was a bit taken back how out of proportion these seals were. On my 73 it was literally impossible to set the seal in the opening and push the inner part of the seal in the rest of the way to set it in place. The seal is too wide in that area. The gap in the sheet metal is not wide enough to accept that part of the seal regardless of force used. I had to trim about 1/8" off of the lip with snips and then had to grind the lip down until almost 1/4" was taken off. P7170067.JPG







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Thanks Mike but the seals are already in ( see photo ).

Based on this experience I would say URO seals are less than good representations of the original.

Or they SUCK!

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I used OEM per Steve at Blunt's suggestion and I dare say it was one of the most difficult jobs I did on the car, along with...


freeing up the rear brake adjusters

removing an e-brake cable

removing the right rear carrier bushing

installing the windshield lock strips...


...well I guess there were a few tough jobs looking back.

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