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Price: $15000
Location: Dallas, Texas


Last year I moved to Seattle from Dallas and had a renter in my place while I tried to figure out what I was going to do with the car that's still very much in progress in Dallas. Now that renter is leaving and I'm going to sell the house so I can buy something in Seattle and I've got a garage full of parts that I need to figure out what to do with. I really don't have the space up here to do it myself just yet and I’m running out of time to figure out what to do with the car. It also doesn't help that I fully blew out my ACL a few weeks ago so even if I had the space I won't have the capacity to work on a car for months.


I’ve slowly come to the realization that the only thing I can do now is to sell everything. Since it’s in Dallas and I’m in Seattle I would prefer if it went as a whole. You could absolutely make more thank I’m asking off parting the car out but I’d rather keep it all as a whole and not have to ship it if I can find someone local to Texas.


My tenant will let anyone come by and see it just let me know and give me a day’s notice or so. He’s a gearhead too, always rent to gearheads.


Asking $15k obo


A short list of some of the items I have:


Solid M10 engine with dual weber 40s

5 speed conversion kit from Kooglewerks

speaker molds from Kooglewerks

Nardi steeringwheel

5 speed transmission, plus another 4 speed that was originally on the car

aftermarket fenders, never installed

All bolts have been yellow zinc plated

Front subframe and suspension has Tii struts and all parts are either brand new or powder coated

'77 5 series front brakes

Bilstein HDs

All bushings either installed or on hand, new rubber

Factory BMW nose, frame rails and doors, never painted or installed

Recaro seats, though they need to be refurbished

IE shorty ceramic coated headers

IE swaybar (I zinc coated the end link bushing caps)

full stainless exhaust

Every bolt has either been yellow zinc coated or replaced with a new yellow zinc coated, plus all door/truck parts that could be removed and plated


Front suspension was fully refurbished and powdercoated or replaced with brand new parts and rubber bushings. Rear was fully refurbished as well but I coated the subframe with POR15.


The suspension is all bolted up so it could ship.


There's bound to be more I'm not thinking of, and I’ll update as I remember and am always happy to answer any questions.
















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