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Pardon for the simple minded question from a new owner.  Any tips on installing the clock on a tii, up high on the dashboard?  I have the center console out but for the life of me, after a couple of hours, could barely get the bracket in place and then it fell while trying to started the knurled knobs.  Is there something from up under that should be removed to improve access?  Perhaps I need to recruit a kid with small hands?

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It's good that you have the console out.  Impossible otherwise.  I've had my clock out too many times to count and finally I came up with a partial solution to ease the frustration of applying the knurled knobs.


First off, I position the clock in the dash from the front and keep it in that position with a small towel on the parcel shelf.  Then from behind I use the following custom tool to start each knob. 


clock tool1.jpg


This allows you to only put one finger into the cramped space to spin on the knurled knob.  Once it is started you can remove the tool and do the rest by hand.   I hope it works for you.  Good luck.

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I just did this! Prior to installing the Behr AC (a story for another day), figured I should get the clock fixed, so easy to get out. My drivers side seat was out, so easy to get under the dash. To get back in, gave up after an hour using forceps, needle nose pliers, etc. Came back next week, thinking of removing the heater, but thought to give it one last try. I rotated the clock 90 degrees, held it with right hand, and reached up under dash with left with nut stuck to blue tape on index finger. Just enough room between clock and heater. Once on, was easy to get started, then rotated to get to other side. Total PITA. 

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2 hours ago, esty said:

steve might have found the problem...the distributor cap was on backwards...he turned it around 180 poured a bit of gas in the carb and i believe if we had a fuel supply the car would have started...no popping or backfiring thru the carb...he's in the middle of cleaning the gas tank, stripping it for new paint but he said he is going to try supplying gas with an electric fuel pump from a gas can



@estyWrong thread!

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