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New member with a barn find & big project

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Hey all!


New guy here, I've been active online and in the BMW community for a while, but new to 2002's.  I have two E36 M3's, an M50 swapped E30, and an E60M5 (with the Dinan Stroker 😁) that I've been enjoying with my son and wrenching on for a few years.  He's heading to tech school this fall in the auto mechanic program and has really become passionate about cars, restorations, performance and fun, not something you see too often in an 18 year old!


We just picked up a '71 2002 that has been in storage in a shed in WI for the past 12+ years.  Bummer of a story, but the previous owner had been collecting parts and pieces for the car to become a retirement project, then he passed away a little over 12 years ago so everything has sat in their shed since then.  Car is in pretty good shape, very minimal rust (a lot less than the E36 and E30's that we own!) and it came with an absurd amount of parts.  I think the PO was a bit of a hoarder actually, for example I'm not sure what I need with 10 window crank handles for one car.  Or 2 complete engines and another complete engine worth of parts/block etc. 


Anyways, I'm excited to be starting this project with my son, we have high aspirations and hopes and are planning on documenting/blogging as much as possible, maybe even putting up a Youtube channel to document as much as we can.  I've been doing a ton of research here already, and I'm sure will have a million questions as we go along.  Thanks in advance for this excellent resource and all your help!






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Welcome to the '02 fraternity/sorority.  Lots of friendly folks with advice, and the archives are loaded with good information.


Barn finds still happen!  Looks like you have a pretty rust-free late '71 car and plenty of spare parts.  Can't see any external rust in all the usual spots, which usually means no structural rust--check the inner wheel arches inside the trunk for perforations. The color looks like Granada red, black interior .  Hopefully one of the engines you have has a number that matches the VIN; while not everyone is wedded to a "numbers matching" car, if ya got it, use it.   Post the VIN and we can give you a good idea of when it was built. 


And...if you get it back together and driveable by mid-September, you can bring it to MidAmerica 02Fest in Eureka Springs AR and meet  whole bunch of like-minded 02ers.  Even if not, come anyway and meet a bunch of 02ers in person.


BTW, the wheels are for a later (74-76) squarelight, although they work fine (and are a half inch wider) than the solid wheels used on the roundies.  



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On 7/17/2021 at 10:27 AM, Mike Self said:

--check the inner wheel arches inside the trunk for perforations. 



Thanks for the welcome, it's funny you mention the wheel arches in the trunk.  They both appear to have cracks in the same place, I'm guessing this is a known issue with the 02's?  The car actually came with a pair of wheel arches that appear to be cut from some other car, perhaps they were intended to be welded into place instead of these below?





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Welcome. Your new acquisition looks like a late 1971 model (manufactured April 1971 or later). There was a substantial cosmetic and functional upgrade in April 1971, referred to as the Modell 71 — because it occurred in 1971. As compared to pre-Modell 71 ‘02’s, the cars acquired knee mouldings, “long-tail” rear bumpers, black rubber rub strips on both front and rear bumpers, longer consoles, blacked-out instrument faces, two-piece dashboards (instead of three-piece), slightly smaller steering wheels, 12-fuse wiring harnesses (instead of a 6-fuse wiring harness), etc.


When BMW Group Archives re-opens later this year, you can find out the actual build date for your car, as well as confirmation of the factory exterior color:




I’m guessing your car’s VIN is 2572070, or later. The color might be Granada (red); but BMW was switching over to Verona (red) around the summer of 1971, so that remains the other possibility.


All in all, it looks like you have work ahead, but I believe you will find most parts — new and used — readily available, if there are any gaps in your substantial inventory!


Again, welcome.







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