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Anyone working on a 6 speed project?

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Would anyone be interested in a custom 6 speed shift decal that looks the the original?  I am asking because another owner wants to make them and I prefer to find a handful of those interested before doing so.


I am not planning on making them right away and would love to read what projects the brave ones are planning....those with 6 speeds of course but also all of the other ones too :)



Thanks and feel free to send me any questions or other requests regarding custom interior decals.




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Thanks @AustrianVespaGuy -- search feature is what I should have checked first too.


I am hoping to post a pic of what it should look like and see who wants one.  Much prefer making a small batch that is spoken for than just the one.


I will also post on the tail of that thread -- hopefully getting a little interest but will also be patient.


Thanks again, appreciate the thoughtful response.


- Mo 

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