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Heater valve rotor from Delrin?

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Anyone see a problem with this?  I have aluminum as well, but no brass on hand and would like to put my car back together...


Says melting point 347F, food / potable water safe, so hopefully doesn't absorb / swell much.  Worst thing that happens I order some brass after this thing swells so much it can't turn?


Aluminum is almost as easy on my old lathe, so it that's a better solution than the delrin, that's pretty easy, too...



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Delrin's one of my go to materials. I would use it before brass in your valve. It won't swell and i'm suprised at the 347 degree melting point as I use it on bike exhaust mounts all the time. I'll give some the torch test when I get to the shop

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6 hours ago, jimk said:


Less than 2% at 100*C.  Nice.  Seems like both original rotors had bleed built in anyway...  Although it does say a 3mm piece, so who knows how that would extrapolate.  Worst thing that happens is I make another one.  Thanks Jim.


3 hours ago, beammmer said:


Because it's an hour on the lathe and mill, maybe?  I have the Delrin sitting here, I have the orings sitting here, I have the tap, I have the mill, I have the lathe, and I'm annoyed that my car has been on jack stands for 3 days now.  :)  And I still have to wire in the connectors for the new, bigger injectors and the coils for the COP conversion, and then test everything before September.  I've been slacking.


But you should see the pile of e30 HVAC I pulled out. 


The double bowden cable was broken off at the valve, so I'm just going to run a separate one and see how it goes being able to open and close the valve independent of the fresh air inlet.

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Posted (edited)

Maybe two and a half hours this morning, but most of it while the wife was still sleeping, so it doesn't count (anniversary today...)


The delrin machines so easy and nice.  That little square on the end for the lever was a pain, totally just eye balled it, came out sweet.  I'll see if I got a picture later- anniversary and all.

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Dave I took the pictures of the one in that link and have rebuilt a couple for CK cars.  It works well, but like you note, not rocket science.  Like the Delrin option, as long as there’s no overtorquing.  

congrats on the anniversary, early morning garage freedom is the best.

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