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Price: $25
Location: Colorado


I have FINALLY MADE A DEAL with Lamin-x for headlight protection film to my specification (5 and 7 inch headlight diameters).


Since XPel has quit making the good stuff, lamin-x is now the best I can get at a reasonable price.

They also sell flat sheet, so I will be able to cut fog light and turn signal covers as well.


CHOICES:  12 mil, clear or yellow tint; 20 mil, clear only.  Doubling the film is possible, say if you want maximum protection AND yellow tint.

They also make it in various thicknesses and colors that I do not stock, and do not recommend. 


This allows you to protect your vintage headlights, US or Euro, small or large, without reducing the light output (clear film), and to imitate those rare and VERY expensive French Yellow headlights and fog lights, for $18-25 per pair.


Anybody out there with pricey headlights ... and who wants to keep them intact?

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