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A few more indicators of the Ceylon car's originality currently on BaT:

  * hand brushed black paint on the hood supports

  * original magnetic oil drain plug

  * plastic caps on reservoir screws 



IMG_5364 (1).jpg

IMG_5353 (1).jpg

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the VIN quoted on BAT--2586060--makes it a pretty early '73, probably Oct-Nov production.And a rare color--kinda like Turkis.  Very attractive but rarely seen.


  • That unusual--looking gas cap is a PJ brand from France.  I have a NOS one in my parts stash. 
  • Interestingly, my Dec 72 production 2002 didn't come with a magnetic drain plug, but my '69 did... 
  • Unusual location for the relocated ashtray--the one on my Frigiking-equipped '73 was to the left of the steering column.  Never seen one on the glovebox. 
  • the spare seems to be the original Michelin XAS and unused!


No question that it's a very original car (paint not withstanding), and given the total lack of structural rust, it would be an easy, if not inexpensive restoration.  Or just fix the driver's seat so you aren't sitting on the springs and enjoy it as it is.  But if you take it out of a dry climate, don't drive it in the rain--not with all that grey primer showing underneath.




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