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I just received a phone call from the gentleman installing my headliner. He wanted to know how the 'fabric' covering the sliding panel attaches to the steel frame along the middle. I told him I did not know that it does or not. At least one of his concerns was the fabric sagging. I don't have a clue as to how it 'should' be.

This google pic shows something wrapped (?) around the frame's middle section. My headliner kit's swath for the sliding panel has nothing that would wrap around the middle of the frame, just a flat piece of material. I see the material around the frame's middle in the pic below, but can't figure out what is what. Can anyone help me??? Kind of in a bind here as to what to instruct him. 

Many Thanks,



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I bought some linen cloth that looked like what was used originally and then had a alteration shop sew it onto the sunroof panel vinyl. That linen cloth gets folded over and glued to the sunroof frame center part. Hope these pictures help. 



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