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BMW M10 - Supercharger Kit (Hyde Motor Works Project)

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Hello Everyone,

This thread will be dedicated to the build log of our BMW M10 engine supercharger project, that we plan to make available for the BMW 2002 & E30 fans. The project is called O.T. M10 (Old Timer) lead by Hyde Motor Works and designed by a big time enthusiast in Australia, Travis. We have been working on it slowly since last year. For those of you who don't know of Hyde Motor Works, we are a newer player to the game and we develop supercharger kits and setups. We have the largest displacement supercharger kits on the engines we have developed them for (The M5x, S5x an M4x) and currently we are doing a few other projects including a V8 project and such. More information and pictures of our work is available at http://hydemotorworks.com/

Back to the O.T. M10, right now it will support an Eaton M45 and in the future we plan to make it support the Eaton M45 variants, as well as the Eaton M62 and the Ogura Clutch/Wankel SC12 and SC14 superchargers. The setup uses an alternator from the BMW M50/M52 and has a custom bracket that allows you to mount the supercharger onto the engines side without much trouble. Right now it is being built around an E30 but we are still in prototype stages, after which we will be testing it on the BMW 2002 as well.  Essentially we want to give you the ability to find your own supercharger and use our kit to bolt it all on and go.

Here are some quick pictures of the work so far while we were trying to measure the right belt sizes, just testing out with wooden mock outs, soon the first working prototype will be built out of metal and CNC along with a custom crank pulley, once all things check out, we will release these kits to public while we work on the M20 and M30 Engines using larger superchargers.

Some pictures are attached below, and here is a video that is going to premiere in a few days on our YouTube channel.

Let me know your thoughts, what are your power goals and such. If we have enough interest we will make these kits public and our kits are usually very reasonably priced.


Warm Regards,

Hyde from Stuttgart, Germany



M10 OT  2021-07-10 at 08.47.51(1).jpeg

M10 OT 2021-07-10 at 08.47.50(1).jpeg

M10 OT 2021-07-10 at 08.47.51.jpeg

M10 OT 2021-07-10 at 08.47.52.jpeg

M10 OT  2021-07-10 at 08.47.50.jpeg

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