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Price: $7000
Location: Atlanta, Georgia


See the Google Photos album below for photos!  See the Wheelwell link for build information!


Hey folks - just picked up a new job and unfortunately the car can't come with me.  I'm certainly not happy about it, but that's how these things work.  This is my second '02 - I've had this one since June of 2018 and have enjoyed the heck out of it.  Engine swap began in August of last year but as projects go, I just got burned out on it and never reached the finish line.  

Why didn't I finish?  Time.  If I could go back I wish I'd just left the original M10 with blowby in it until it died . . . 


Disclaimer: the previous owner is responsible for any and all questionable aesthetic choices!  The car hasn't always been my taste in 2002's aesthetically, which is partly the reason I burned out on the project.  


Here's a massive Google Photos album!  Photos are sorted by date so scroll to the bottom for the most recent shots.  

Here's the registry entry.

Here's a build list and short write-up.  Most mechanical components related to the M10 have been removed.  

Installed is the following, on top of the original, non-drivetrain related components, listed here on my Wheelwell account:

  • 1991 M42 from E30 318is with approximately 150k miles.  All oil seals were replaced by me before the install.  Don't have compression numbers but was told in confidence by a frequent r3vlimited member that it ran well upon him removing it from his car.  
  • Getrag 240 also from a 318is.  Dual mass flywheel.  Clutch and throwout bearing have a few thousand miles on them.
  • New engine, transmission, and exhaust manifold from JakeB.  New exhaust studs and nuts.  New transmission mount bushings and OEM 2002 engine mounts.  
  • E30 318is driveshaft mated to matching LSD also from an E30
  • 1991 M42 wiring harness, to be tied into 2002 harness per JakeB's instructions
  • 1991 M42 ECU
  • 1991 E30 fuel pump with return


Needed to get the car running:

  • Splice M42 harness into 2002 harness, and mount ECU in or near the glovebox.  
  • Install coil packs onto passenger fender, or do a coil-on-plug conversion
  • Throttle cable rigging
  • Return fuel line 
  • Slave cylinder attached to gearbox
  • Downpipe fitted for O2 sensors


Everything mechanical is already installed and ready to go, save for the slave cylinder and throttle cable.  I have everything else needed to complete the swap including coil packs, fuel pump relay, ECU, MAF, et cetera.  Don't the have O2 sensors, but that's about it.  Heating and cooling system is taken care of, as is the mess under the intake.  


Included in the sale is the original M10 block with E21 head and dual Webers.  Door cards, driver's side floor pan, extra turbo flares, beltline trim, license plate trim, and a few other miscellaneous interior bits are included.  I've sold the intake manifold, water divider, and 245 five-speed.  Pay asking price and I'll include a '74+ nose panel in what I believe is Atlantic.  


Please don't hesitate to shoot offers (and judgement) my way.  PM me if you'd like to chat over phone.  



Emmanuel H.



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17 hours ago, BMWApex said:

Hello, I couldn't remember my old login. But I am interested. I'd like to know a bit more about the chassis. Thanks, let me know.

Hey, thanks for the interest. Chassis is clean. I had the driver's side frame rail repaired but everything else is solid. Right rear rocker panel has been patched, can't speak to the quality of that as the lines look a bit wonky.  Should have a few photos in the Google drive that demonstrate how healthy it is otherwise.  Feel free to text me at (678)-522-1177 and I'll likely respond more quickly.

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