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Price: $29750
Location: Sicily, Italy


No Affiliation,


I also posted this in the general section:


From what I can see, this car needs to be completely disassembled, stripped and treated, extensive sheet metal replacement, etc. More detailed pics are needed of the rocker panels, floor pans, shock towers, doors, fenders etc. etc. There is probably a lot more rust there than meets the eye. He’s asking 25,000 Euros ($29,750 according to current exchange rate). If doing all the work on your own, including welding and paint, it would still cost $20K to restore it, not to mention your time. If you want to get hosed by the 02 specialty shops and body shops, I would estimate $50K - $75K to get it restored. And, it probably wouldn't be done properly as someone would throw in a 2L, e21 5 speed, e21, Recaro seats, e21 LSD, later 2002 sub frame, two stage paint, etc. etc.


But, this is the state of affairs with this hobby these days.


Maybe some of you with deep pockets may want to entertain the idea, but its certainly not for me at this price.


As far as I'm concerned this car isn't worth a dollar above $5K, more realistically $3K.


The interior color combo is very rare for an 02. I've only seen all Grey seats and two tone Grey/black interior panels in a 66 1600 which was sitting at a self service salvage yard in Santa Paula - Ventura County, CA, 20 years ago. It was in about the same shape as this car and the yard was asking $500 for it. I removed the seats, but not the panels as they had holes cut out for speakers.



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16 hours ago, DesertDuck said:

Coultn't find a non-FB link, but looking at the asking prices for other 2002s in Italy, it makes me wonder if the seller was trying to type €2500, and added an extra zero by mistake!



I’ve not been able to see the subject car — not a FB person — but those two letters, “ti”, can make magic happen!






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On 7/15/2021 at 7:54 AM, Conserv said:

but those two letters, “ti”, can make magic happen!

Yes, for someone with some extra cash who has their heart set on an original "ti". And, the 1600ti is the rarest of the "ti" lot.

It makes me think of all the 1800ti and 2000ti cars I saw at the self service salvage yards down here in Southern California. So many were crushed. In Europe where they pour salt on to the roads, they fared worse. That's probably the reason why there are so few 1600ti cars left. If they had imported them into the states, especially the South West of the country, a few more would have survived.

They are fairly easy to replicate, but it's not a genuine"ti". The original 1600ti pistons are most difficult to come by Sure, there are aftermarket remakes. And the 1600ti specific Solex PHH40 carbs are also difficult to source. They are out there, though, if you have the $$$.

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Oh yeah I found this on FB about two weeks ago - posted it in the RGB group.  It looks pretty shot.  Like it was shot, then parked for three or four decades.


But STILL - it’s a 1600ti.  Made about half as many as 2002ti, which was half as many 2002tii.


I try not to think about it.  Because it is awful and perfect.



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