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EARLY o2 MVP Nose installed


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Just a few comments of my experience with MVP nose that I just had installed on my 73 o2 stock. The Fab RestoShop in San Martin Ca did the work and paint.

After looking for a good condition used nose and saw the prices of good ones going for top dollar and rust I went with MVP. To my knowledge these are manufactured in Taiwan not China (although Taiwan could be taken over by China, it has not last I checked this am). Nose fit perfectly as far as sizing. No problem on install. I asked what did the shop think of the gauge and strength compared to NOS... their opinion was great. IMHO it was better than putting on a rusty labor intensive used part of nearly 50 years old. A few issue now that I'm piecing the AC back in and the rest. The headlamp Buckets have 4 screws on the back that mount to the new nose, the holes are much too large on the new nose. The metal tabs that the wiring harness lays in just behind the top of the radiator are non existent. ( appreciate anyone with a better idea than drilling holes and zip ties to remedy this). And the support bracket where the hood hinge attaches has no lower holes where the AC lower fan bracket mounts. Heard the grills are a little loose but in this but not there yet. I did notice there are no holes drilled to attach the grills Land R.  


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I bought a replacement nose panel from BMW in 2010 and had to drill holes for the left/right grilles. AFAIK, 02's never had factory AC, so perhaps the holes drilled on your original nose were modified from the dealer.


Those holes for the headlight buckets look comparable to the stock '67 nose panel I just cut off. I'm actually about to install my new MVP nose panel this week. 


The fit of the new nose panel looks great. Love the color!

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1 hour ago, rabbit said:

Thx for the input!  Looks like those work by attaching to car by drilling a hole? Unless I’m not seeing this correctly.  I should have spotted this problem before painting. I could of then had 

holes drilled and surfaces sealed. 

you could still drill holes and just use a Q-tip to Dab some paint in the hole to seal it up. Let it dry and the. Use the plastic clamps. Put masking tape where you’re going to drill so the bit doesn’t slip and you don’t crack the paint, use a new sharp bit 




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