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Assorted Parts For Sale Photos Included

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Price: $100
Location: Dallas Texas

Clearing out the attic and have some various items that need a good home (as well to pay for tuning cost)


Sunroof Headliner Rods: $40

Sunroof Headliner Rods.JPG


Z3 Short Shift With Leather Knob:$75

Z3 Short Shift Lever.JPG


Sun Visor Clips (new) $10:

Sun Visor Clips.JPG


Steering Box $100:

Steering Box.JPG


Stock Rear Springs $20:

Car Parts.JPG


Shoulder Seat Belt Bolt Covers (new): $10

Seat Belt Bolt Covers.JPG


BEHR Radiator (from the 320 model): $100



Spal 13" Radiator Fan - Ready to plug in $25

Radiator fan.JPG


NOTE: If interested in both parts I will discount to $100 total for both.


Headlight Switch, MULTIPLES of them $20 each, will consider volume discount for whole lot.

Light switches.JPG



Hazard Switch $30

Hazard Switch.JPG

Hazard Switch 2.JPG


Eibach Rear Springs From Ireland Engineering: $75

Eibach Springs.JPG


Dash Façade Non AC Console:$5

Dash Part.JPG 


OEM Camshaft, very good condition, perfect for performance regrind $50:

Cam Shaft.JPG

Cam 3.JPG

Cam 2.JPG


BBS RS 15" Locking tab, new $20:

BBS Locking Tab.JPG


Stock AC Cooling Fan $20



I will consider group items discounts, buyer pays for shipping (ground is cheapest. Based in Dallas for shipping calculations.  Please let me know if you have any questions.





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