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Hi and thank you for your help. I received my two cage nuts from Jaymic today in order to install a new passenger mirror on my car which has lived without one all these years. I have some questions on their installation. 

1) Correct final drill bit size?

2) Do you push in the cage to the hole and then try to install the nut from above? How? Lol. 

Best Regards,



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The easy way to measure where to locate your passenger side mirror:  remove the driver's side mirror, and then make a paper template, using the leading edge of the door and the window sill trim as locating points.  Take your template, turn it over, and you have a passenger side template.  


Mark the locations for your new holes, then put masking tape over the spots so a skittering drill bit won't scratch up your paint.  Drill pilot holes first, then open the holes to 8mm, and use a small file to make the two slots that allow inserting the cage nut into its new home.



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