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How much is it really worth? 1976 BMW 2002

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Price: $1
Location: Federal Way, WA

This is mine.  I wanted to see what it was worth.  I've gotten a few enthusiastic nibbles as priced, but no real offers. I priced it below Hagerty's lowest ("Fair") condition.  What's reasonable for this car?  Free?  Pay them to take it? ;) Thanks. 


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Runs and drives gets you out of the "for parts" category.  Two-tone rattle-can paint, aluminum door panels, trim & bumper delete, mis-matched seats and koogleworks air dam puts you in the "rat-rod" category.  1976 with no smog components limits your market to buyers outside of CA.  Some surface rust and hard starting isn't helping your cause.  So my estimate is $6K to $8K as presented.


Others may have a different estimate.  Good luck with your sale!



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I don't think your far off.   The two tone paint  and mismatched seats are the biggest drawbacks I think visually.

Seats could be a easy fix for buyer.  With some effort and less than 10k  someone could have a pretty decent driver.

I say $7500 to $9000.    


I watched the progress on this 02. You did a lot of work to it.. GLWS

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