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It's even the right color

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40 minutes ago, TobyB said:

..for relevance, here are the taillights in front of Mt CatSnoozius.


Zagato in front of ze gato



Beautiful cars...









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I did some research about those round tail light origins for a Roundel column back in 2017.  According to a member of the BMW design staff, my assumption that the design was adapted from the BMW 3200CS Bertone coupe wasn't correct.  In fact, the earliest drawings of what became Type 114 (the original 1600) showed horizontal tail lights similar to those on the NK sedans and the 2000CS coupe.  It wasn't until the last design drawings that those iconic round tail lights appeared.  And the source?


...the round tail light inspiration came from our side of the pond.  Think back to American cars from the late 50s/early 60s, especially Ford and Chevrolet.  Other than the teardrop tail lights on the ‘59s, every full-sized Chevrolet, plus the Corvairs and Corvettes, had multiple round tail lights from 1958 until well after the 1600-2 appeared. 


Same with Ford.  Beginning with their full sized cars as early as 1952, Thunderbirds in 1954 and Falcons in 1960, round tail lights predominated— up to six on 1958-60 T-Birds and large pairs on Falcons,’61-on Thunderbirds and Galaxies.     


I was as surprised as you might be to learn this; it looked like a slam dunk for the Bertone coupe as the origin.  But coming from AG's design studio folks--who ought to know--and have access to the files, it looks pretty firm to me.


Now the question is whether Bertone "borrowed" from the Zagato design, or vice-versa.



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It's a styling thread, (right?) so I note that the taillights look a LOT like an E21.


This was a wonderful era of car design, when there was enough cross- pollination that

lots of things look like lots of other things, BUT each one was developed on its own, 

so that it can stand on its own, stylistically.








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