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Ignition Tumbler Question, Yet Again

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I had an ignition tumbler that was stuck somewhere in between Halt & Start. The key was removed but wouldn’t go back in. I found multiple posts here on removing the tumbler, and got a copy of Mike Self’s article, which was great. I gently-ish removed the pot metal plate at the back to remove the innards,  but one of the pins on the tumbler stayed in the plate, instead of the tumbler. Are there replacement pins? It looks like it has been tampered with already & there was evidence the tumbler had been removed before I got it out, so not sure what is normal.


Pictures will probably explain it better. (Not sure why I propped it up with a matchstick. Made sense at the time, but seems odd now that I uploaded them.)


I think the original issue with the stuck tumbler is gunk around the wafers & they are sticking. I’ll clean it up & add some dry lubricant.



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Ya got two options:

  1. once you have the wafers all unstuck and working properly, try to use JB weld or something similar to reattach that back piece to the cylinder body.  You might try making a metal pin by filing down some aluminum and forcing/gluing it into the hole in the cylinder body, then gluing/peening the back piece in place.
  2. find another ignition switch, extract the lock cylinder and either have a locksmith make your current key work with it, or insert your key in the cylinder and file the wafers down until they're all flush with the outer edge with your key inserted.  That will "re-key" the replacement cylinder to fit your original key.

Regardless, only lubricate locks with an appropriate lock lubricant--usually powdered graphite suspended in a volatile liquid that evaporates, leaving only the graphite and no oil to gum up the works.




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