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Really good Subaru forum?

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On 6/6/2021 at 8:03 AM, visionaut said:



Try this one Dave. I use it for info on my Subie SVX. While it might look Impreza specific it isn’t… it’s got lots of good info and knowledgeable owners.


Some Subie forums are model-specific (there’s one for just SVX believe it or not).




I had joined the big forum, think it was Subaru.org.  Very busy and like 100K members.  Seemed okay, but not as intimate as FAQ.  

I bought a 2003 Forester with 150K miles, a few years ago for $500, it had dents and scratches on every piece of metal.  But owner took good care of it, think there were 40 documented oil changes over the years. I ended up selling it for $3500 during the pandemic, probably could have gotten more.....seller's remorse for sure.

Tom,  I have this peculiar desire to get myself a SVX.  Only thing is they're all Automatics I believe.   Maybe I can get one right after my divorce.


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Steve - yeah the US models were all 4-speed sport Auto trans. (Alcyone were available w/ manual in the homeland). Mine’s swapped from 3.45 to 4.44, with shift improvements. Folks are swapping in WRX manuals now though. The NA boxer six is so silky smooth… and folks are of course turboing it too. The Guigaro design is polarizing but still stands up 30yrs later IMO.


My ‘92 SVX LS-L in original Ebony, currently the seventh oldest still alive (US models). I’ve had it since new. It needs some work -  showing it’s age a bit being pretty much original… (‘cept wheels & trans).



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Nice looking SVX, yeah they're all starting to show their age at 30 years old I guess.  My Forester was incredibly reliable for a 2003, everything just seem to always "work".

Amount of Subs in Colorado is astonishing.  My mom and dad were both from Weld County, my cousin sent me a photo of the tornado this week from "the farm" and it looked like it was in his front yard. 

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Thx!  Paint could use a major correction, gots a few door dings, and the seat leather could use some re-dyeing in the high wear areas, but else it’s pretty clean and cared for. It’s been retired from primary ski-machine duty since we got the 435.


Yeah - I’d bet there’s more Subies here than most other makes. 5X the national level easily… Reliable & capable all year round, in all our weather extremes…. Even here tho, SVX are rare. I get thumbs-up in it as much as in the 02.




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Yeah, tires are a big deal, too.


Her STI is a monster with snow tires.  Snow tires make anything really good in the snow, but the AWD with the variable center diff...  I need to 'sort' the steering angle sensor so she can get full power with the steering wheel turned- right now it cuts all the power unless the steering wheel is straight; tail happy rally car my ass!  At least not yet.  :)


And yeah, I-70 during a snow storm?  No thanks.


So I'm working in 1991 in Truckee, during the winter.  Main roads are 4wd with snow tires or chains required if there's much of any snow.  Guy rolls up in an e30m3, with studs, with a Subaru AWD sticker on the back.  I look him in the eye,"That's not AWD."  "It looks like it could be, and with the LSD it's better than most 4wd with one gripping tire on each axle."

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