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Racehead ITBs for M42 - any 2002 installations?

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I'm looking at the Racehead Engineering ITB kit for M42 engines for my M42 build.  I'd like to confirm that it will actually fit on an M42 installed in a 2002.  I assume the customary quest for a tii booster or suitable replacement will be required to make this work.  Does anyone know of a successful installation of this product in a 2002?


Thanks in advance. 

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Agree with Toby. It looks like it’ll extend too far off the cyl head and foul on the booster.

With an M10, in an 02, with the tii booster, the max distance available off the face of the cyl head to the booster is 11”.



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Posted (edited)

I am unaware of this setup in an 02. Something to ponder but I'm sure your already thinking.


Quote from the link:


NOTE: This kit is developed as a direct fit to both LH and RH drive e36 vehicles, but it can be modified to fit e30's,  please discuss this with us before purchasing. We will be releasing a specific e30 kit later this year.


I would be calling the manufacturer if possible for clues as to why the modification for an E30. My guess would be relocating all the bits on the inner fender to clear the airbox with a booster. As Toby suggests, looks long complete. Although this visually looks similar to an S14 swap if the runners were straight not curved. An S14 with a std airbox is tight and the one listed looks longer. Here is my setup without and air box.



I think the real question is, what is the difference in width between the towers on and E36, E30 and 2002. Not that this answers your question, but my guess is the  ITBs and runners might fit, but an airbox is a stretch with a booster. So FWIW, a delete may help, or just ditch the airbox and run filter screens.



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I don't have any m42 experience, but the m20 into the 02 the intake is much higher and clears the standard booster, I know that's apples to oranges comparison but the point is if no one has done this you might ask if you can try fitting it and return it if it's a no go, but set this up with the vender before hand make sure he will do it.

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...or, from digging around the site, maybe ping him/her and see if you can be the test mule.


They seem to be into homemade stuff (the tutorial on how to diy an M20)

so you might be able to get something made that will fit- and get a bit of 

a deal for your time.



would weld his own- but onto an S54.  Oh, wait- they already HAVE ITBs...

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