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Low Cost Rear Springs & Height Adjuster Options

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While piecing together a custom "low cost" suspension setup I'm inadvertently collecting a bunch of part numbers while trying to find parts that are in stock. Hopefully this will help someone else not waste as much time as I am.

I'm specifically looking for 5" OD x 8" L 250lbs springs for the rear and adjustable perches so what follows is inline with that setup.


Adjustable Perches for 5" Springs:


Speedway Motors - " 91645551" - $29 ea

Afco - "10620187" - $40-45 ea

Allstar - "ALL56119" - $45 ea

Bryke Racing - "320-301P" - $70 pair (Haven't verified if they're the desired 2-7/8 ID but these are for 5" springs so likely are.)


5" x 8" 250lbs Springs
(change "250" in PN to your desired rate)

Afco Lightweight Yellow - "25250-3" - $73 ea 

Landrum Gold - "H250" - $55 ea 

Suspension Spring Specialists - "SSSN250" - $54 ea


These are the "low cost" route. Yes I know there are other companies that make parts to the above specs which are more common from 2002 suppliers. Those parts are about 2-3X as much as what's listed above so it's your choice. Hope this helps!

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I haven't shopped in some years, but Eibach didn't cost all THAT much more

than the 'store brands' when I was horsing around with it-


and it's so nice to not have to dick with ride height after a cheeper spring

'takes its set...'


I also had fun taking a 12" 150 lb- in spring and making 2 300x6 springs out of it.



all in the name of saving a buck, or some doe...

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It has been a decade or so since i did this on the race car. It worked great. I am sure there are still posts here from the install.  Looks like SpeedWay has changed it a bit, but looks about the same. 


Some paint might have to be removed from the current bump stop holder to be able to add the perch.


steve k.

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