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Price: $120
Location: S.F. Bay area

Later style replacement seat belt.

Looks to be uninstalled, but has a little shelf wear.

Not sure when or where I got it, was in a box I recently found in my garage.

Number on back of buckle is 1828569 

Number on belt label is 1830691  

Looks to be a left side retractor.

I think the buckle end could work for left or right sides.

the buckle is approx. 17 inches long.

I have the plastic bolt head covers that go with it, the pivot cover seems to be awol.

Sold as is without warranty, I have no idea how well this will do in an accident.

Use at your own risk.

Shipped in a medium flat rate USPS box.

Any questions please ask.



02 Seatbelt 01.jpg

02 Seatbelt 02.jpg

02 Seatbelt 03.jpg

02 Seatbelt 09.jpg

02 Seatbelt 10.jpg

02 Seatbelt 04.jpg

02 Seatbelt 07.jpg

02 Seatbelt 11.jpg

02 Seatbelt 05.jpg

02 Seatbelt 06.jpg

02 Seatbelt 08.jpg

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