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I needed wiper blades so I searched FAQ and found information about the correct size (15") and also discussions about how the blades sold today are usually black plastic needing adapters for mounting.  I found a correct metal wiper with the OE-type connection - no adapter and no black plastic.  It's a "Trico Classic" p/n 33-150.  I got it in stock at an O'reilly's Auto Parts store for $10 each.  It's on their website and also on Amazon for $13 each. 


Fit right on the original attachment.    








Picture of the package below.


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You should be able to get just the rubber refills for (quite) a bit less $$.  O'Reillys at least used to have the refills, and IIRC Bosch ones are still available, although you have to hunt around for 'em.


And FYI if you have a '68 or '69, they came from the factory with 13" wipers...



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