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I got fed searching form items dropped on the floor. So dark in these cars.

I installed led lights under the seats ..loving it now. 
Installed led lights behind the original stereo.to light up the dash a bit more and a few blue lights behind the front grill. Lit up the rear badge. Lowered the car 1/2 " all around as well. Next

on the list will be a wooden wheel and rims maybe. Thinking to take it to the next level and chrome blue wrap the entire car. 
like the one in the pic.



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On 5/4/2021 at 5:04 AM, adawil2002 said:

Those blue lights are cool looking. Are they legal where you are? In my state any exterior blue lights are illegal, only police cars are allowed to use blue lights.

The blue is pretty subtle and frankly I've never heard of such a law. When you say it however it makes sense. The LED under the seats are meant to go inside the wheel well. I'm well past midlife crisis. I am going through a crisis however. Just can't be clearly defined.  Check out my chandelier rear view ornament I've been working on. I've addded real rubies, emeralds, diamond ect. I have tons of gems and I'm always looking for ways to use them. I used a diamond on the flywheel as my timing Mark but I can't really see it. I see the ruby in the Z position though. Haha 


25k$ rear view ornament on a 10k$ car 98DDE652-F7DA-4A0C-85FC-60A0C27711AF.jpeg


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15 minutes ago, kiva667 said:

Minnesota's law says a person shall not drive or operate a motor vehicle with "any objects suspended between the driver and the windshield," with certain exceptions, including sun visors, rearview mirrors and electronic toll collection devices.




I think I could present a pretty good argument considering it's a chandelier. 

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