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Camac SC70 - alternative classic tyre

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Just bought a set of these to try- Camac is an old Portuguese tyre manufactuter that went bust and is now back and making their period rubber again. I can't comment on any grip or longevity as the new car is still on the lift, but they look good and are too cheap not to try when your budget can't afford Pirelli CN36 (let alone the michelins).








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53 minutes ago, Mike Self said:

Anyone know of a US distributor for the brand--and Nick, do they make 'em in a 195/65 x 14 or 205/60 x 14 for an E30?  My 318is is about ready for some new shoes...



I have Federal tires on my OE 14” alloys for the 318is.  They are pretty good.https://simpletire.com/vehicles/bmw-tires/318is/1991?brand=Federal&loadIndex=89&oem=12522&speedRating=h&tireSize=195-65r14&trim=base

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1 hour ago, jgerock said:


I ran Federals on my E30 a few years ago (likely an older version of that tire), and I was pleased with them as well. 



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They look good, Nick.


They look a little like the Michelin XDX which are $350 / each. Judging by the tread pattern, the tires are most likely good in the rain and snow as well.


I wonder if they have them in the US ?

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