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Well THERE'S the Problem!!! Window Regulator Rehab.

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Over the Weekend I pulled the Window regulator on the Passenger side of the car. It stopped working quite a while ago, and I've been slapping passengers hands that reach for it for about the last year :)


Upon removing the door panel and doing some automotive archeology I found the follow parts laying on the inside of the door panel.


A sheared pivot-Rivot (Pivet-Rivet?), and two mystery washers! Trying to identify just where those two guys previous lived. 


So today I went to the local Mercedes Benz dealer, got in a lengthy debate about needing a VIN number for the car to which I'd like to order the part for (I don't know why Germans are SOOO insistent on this... ITS FOR A BMW!!!!=confused look) and eventually was able to order two new pivots, and two cir-clips.  Should be here in a week or so. 


This evening I went down to the car, jammed a stick in to hold the window up, and removed to regulator. 


Behold, Brunhilde's latest mechanical failure!


That'll do it, alright! So I now I know what pivot rivet I'll be regulating on when the new parts arrive. 


Now... After closer inspection I'm wondering if the clock-spring-retainer-thing is also on it's last leg.... It definitely looks to be ready to let loose.  But I'd love ya'lls thoughts. Because I care, and I respect you.... :)




(looks like that spring is begging to be sprung, if you ask me....)

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The first rivit I would drill the sheared head and tap rivit for a small screw. The second loose one I would clean with a wire wheel, push it back and tig weld. 

The more time I spend doing all that the more likely it is the replacement parts are easily available and someone here will tell us where to get them

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The parts from Mercedes are CHEAP. I think one is .43 cents, the other is few euros... So, basically the cost of buying new hardware from the store and doesn't require any real labor on my part. 


Now as for the spring retainer thingy.... Since it's just crappy pot-metal, I'm not convinced that it would actually weld. And I don't have a Welder. 


Thou on inspection it actually does look kinda tempting to try and tap the backside in-situ and do a bolt-washer combo, but I think it's still just a failure waiting to happen. Best to do something reliably sound which will last that doesn't involve forking out 130 euro for a complete new unit. 



Who's very aware that everything I post on the internet is essentially bread-crumbs to follow for the person who's deciding how much of their hard-earned money is fair to take on it's ownership after me :) Not that it's happening anytime soon, but there's lots of beautiful metal fish in the sea. 

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11 hours ago, Carlos_M said:

I had a similar issue with the clock spring rivet and had a buddy weld it and so far, so good.  Here is what Mike Self sent me a when giving me his advise on how to deal with these buggers. 

Col 3 Nov 94.doc 34 kB · 14 downloads


Yup! Mike sent me the same helpful article. Thanks Mike!


I had some thoughts last night.... And I'm thinking I'm going to embrace a bit of scope-creep, and open up my driver's side door as well. Because what else do I have going on?


Part of one of my recent orders was new handle-trim rubbers, and the ones on my doors are both beginning to crumble away, and to get at them means pulling the door-cards anyway. 


It's scope-creep, I know... But if I'm on the verge of disaster with the driver's side door-glass as well, I'd kinda like to know. 


Rabbit holes. Lets go!



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