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What is your experience with these cars? I had an e21 in high school that was fuel injected, so I had a bit of a learning curve with the 4 speed,  carburetors, points, and a mechanical fuel pump. The best thing I did was ditch the points for a 123 ignition distributor. This car has a MSD system that I know nothing about. I'm sure conkitchen will reply to this and tell you all about it. I honestly have no opinion on MSD bc I literally know nothing about it. I'm just bringing it up bc I've been on this forum for 3 years (I think) and have consumed 100s of hours of 02 content, very rarely have I seen MSD on anything outside of a domestic V8.


As I've been working on and driving my 74 02, I've found having a mostly stock canvass to start with has made it easy to find information and modestly mod to my taste. So it really depends on what your objective is.


This car seems to have all the suspension done with good parts, that has cost me easily $3k and worth every penny. It's also something you will immediately notice on a test drive, so I would definitely get some highway miles in before committing. I personally would be in the $8k range with this car, but the market is absolutely nuts right now so 5 figures might be the going rate. I will say this is probably the best car on craigslist I've seen in months. I also feel conkitchen put it on CL and not here to avoid the scrutiny, which is smart from a business standpoint bc we have a lot of opinions and will find fault in everything. Again, I don't know conkitchen at all, just outside observation.


I know many of us would prefer to buy a car from an owner with some history, but that often leads to a ton of work and surprises even though it was "running when parked". If conkitchen already did the digging for you and can accurately/honestly tell you what's left to do, there's probably value in that. 

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