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There was definitely a pent-up demand for a vintage BMW event featuring fair weather, good friends, classic BMWs, open country roads, good food and your choice of spirits; in other words: FUN.

Jason Gipson supplied the route and the plan. RGB folks showed up at the Speedway station in Wilder, KY like we have for years now. We had so much catching up to do on the parking lot, that it pushed back our start time a bit. No worries... Conditions were ideal: sunny, cool weather, dry 2-lane roads, well-maintained BMWs and an eager sense of adventure. Along the route, we saw folks stopping what they were doing to wave at us. Thankfully our drive was free of the random packs of hound dogs that sometimes rush out to greet our caravan in the middle of the road. We enjoyed a late lunch at the Blue Licks Battle Park lodge. Later, we made our customary visit to see our friends Jennifer and Jim at Sunflower Sundries in Mt Olivet, KY. They greeted us like we are family, which is so very pleasing. As the sun dropped lower, a few of us headed north to have dinner and a few brews at the Hofbrau Haus in Newport, KY.

Andrew Wilson boldly drove Vern the 73 tii down from Brunswick, Maine to join the fun. My daughter, Veronica, was my copilot for the first time on an RGB drive. Mary was Andrew's copilot all day and they got along famously. Liz Metz was hoping to show off her new-to-her E21, but a breakdown en route to our initial rendezvous point nixed that plan. She and Jake were assisted by Ben Younce, Dirk Rasmussen and Michele Rasmussen, so that their day was not ruined. There was some minor wrenching done on the drive, but everyone was able to keep on going thanks to Jason and the other volunteer mechanics. We all needed this day so badly and for so many reasons. We are all so thankful that we could get together and renew our bonds of friendship. 2020 was clearly a disaster, but we are hoping to have a much more rewarding, more normal 2021. Yesterday was a mighty good start.  


THANKS to Jason and to everyone who was part of the fun during this event.  




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Great fun as always--Jason keeps coming up with all these (nearly) traffic-free twisty back roads--but challenging enough that it's hard to enjoy the scenery and stay on the road at the same time.  Lots of curves posted at 25, 20, 15 and even 10 mph!  I put more miles on my '73 (280) during the drive than I did in all of 2020 (238).   Great roads, great camaraderie, and everyone kept the shiny side up. 


Now there's Mid America to look forward to.



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