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SOLD Turbo Take Off Steelies: 5 1/2 x 13 with Michelin XDX's!

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Price: $200
Location: Thousand Oaks, CA

Five 5 1/2J 13 ET 18 Steel Wheels; four with five year old Michelin XDX 185/70-13 tires.  These just came off my Turbo; I found a NOS set of wheels in the original Turbo color.  These have black centers with silver rims--which I see on most Turbos, unless they have Alpina's.  All five wheels are in excellent shape; lots of tread life left on the four XDX's.  The spare wheel has an older Michelin 185/70-13 tire mounted.


I could ship if you want, but I think these are a better candidate for local pickup in SoCal.


Cleaning out the garage!  










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On 5/3/2021 at 12:25 PM, bluebmw said:

... Are these "real" Turbo wheels or just E21 steelies? Either way, they look great and $200 seems too cheap!...


The steel rims installed on turbos at the factory had gray centers with silver barrels. I’m not convinced that the gray BMW used was even the same over the two years of turbo production. Like all of these items of tertiary importance — e.g., rims, subframes, suspension parts — BMW did not mind if such colors varied from batch to batch, car to car.


And, obviously, the factory-installed rims were dated no later than June 1975, the manufacturing month of the last turbos. But... e21 production began, for the Euro market, in spring 1975. Thus, apart from the paint issue, the last turbo steelies overlap with the earliest e21 steelies, which, as Greg points out, are identical in size and offset. It’s hard, therefore, to argue that the gray-painted center made a turbo rim more special than an e21 rim of the same date. But, today, nearly fifty years down the road, a correctly-dated, correctly-painted original turbo steelie generally sells for a large multiple of that e21 steelie of similar date. It just does.


To make matters more confusing, BMW, in offering replacement steelies for turbo, appears to have changed the gray centers to black. I have no idea when this color-change happened. But they stuck with the old turbo part number for these replacement rims. And even these replacement rims appear to sell at a premium to an e21 rim of identical date — assuming it’s a date after turbo production ended.


There you have it: only the slenderest of threads separates an original turbo rim from an e21 rim of similar date.


Even if they are e21 rims, Greg’s package is a slammin’ deal. Yes, the XDX’s have some miles and years on them, but they are awesome and period-appropriate tires, with a jaw-dropping price new!






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