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After 24 years I'm Back


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I’ll try to make it quick.



When I was 18 I bought a 72 out of a barn in 1982.  Drove it, loved it and fixed it up for 15 years.  It started out a Colorado (color) car that someone had put a bad maroon paint job on.  Sanded it off in the driveway and painted it Porsche Guard Red and blacked out the trim (I’m just giving the facts and I don’t want to open up that can of worms).   In a moment of weakness I traded this wonderful machine that never let me down for a CJ5 and a dirt bike.  At the time it was a great trade but it has haunted me for the last 24 years of 2002less living.



A couple of years back a rough 71 Agave Green Roundie shows up in a driveway down the street.  As those of us who love 2002’S do, I stopped and struck up a conversation with the fellow.  He was not a wrench turner and had plans to have the car restored but after six months he got his quotes, talked to his wife, and then walked down the street to my house.  Since he had been given the car he felt it was only right to give it to me.  His wife was smiling uncontrollably as she helped push the car down the street.  The car had no motor, some rot, a E21 head and five speed in the trunk, surprisingly good interior, great bumpers, worst dash I have ever seen but over all a really straight car.

I checked in with a fellow I know with an import repair shop.  He gave me an old worn out motor and his parts guy gave me an old 320i for the block and head.  Another local guy (Sahara 73) sold me 3 motors and 15 tubs of miscellaneous part for a ridiculously low price.  I tracked down another old fellow here in town that was a 2002 legend in his day (his BMWCCA membership number is a low single digit and he is an official Friend of the Marquee).  Most of his network of 2002 friends has moved or died out and he became very excited about the project and promptly donated a 74 Inca car with a decent interior, locked up engine and pretty major rot.  He also threw in a set of dual Webbers to the cause.

Obviously the 2002 Gods have become very active and very generous.  I am listening to them.



I’ll be doing everything but the machining and assembly of the engines.  I have a good friend who owns an automotive machine shop and builds many, may race engines.  I traded him an off-road trailer I built for the machining and assembly.

 The 71 will be a pretty dang stock vehicle except the color.  Don’t mind some greens but Agave is not my favorite.  Not completely settled on a color but I got a felling it will be red (I feel I need to relive my past a bit).  I lean toward being a purist but if I had one complaint about the 2002 it was the factory’s color choice.  The car has a Saddle interior which does not go with some colors.  May go two barrel Webber (there were 3 in the bins I bought) and a bit more cam (maybe 284) but it may be stock cam with single barrel Solex.  I have the air cleaner and I like the look.  I’ll stick with a 4-speed.

The 74 will be a Street-Rally homage, hot motor, roll cage 2 seats and for personal, business, and cowboy reasons will be electric blue with the black satin hood and trunk scheme.  Numbers, stickers and lots of lights – the whole bit.  A little suspension work but I’m old and have owned enough cars that running over a pebble feels like getting hit in the base of the spine with a hammer.  I’m trying to decide between a 292 or 304.  I’m getting old so drivability is more of an issue than it was in my 20’s.



I build a rotisserie that both cars will visit.  Currently getting together many parts orders.  The 71 goes first.  Other than windshields I got it about apart.  I’m going to try the dry ice soundproofing removal trick tomorrow and then we’ll get it on the rotisserie.

Inca 74 will get trailered home next week for initial assessment.

As I go through the process I plan to make use of this wonderful resource and will try to contribute as much as possible.  I also promise to check for existing threads before I start one.  Mainly I’d like those responsible for this great site.  Those 24 years without a 2002 were horrible but over the years the occasional visit to this site helped sustain me and did allow me to continue my 2002 education.   I’ll do my best to shepherd this thread and keep those interested updated.










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Yes to the 292. May try the IE on one car and Schrik on the other. Chasing paint now. One little spot in the corner and I’m hypnotized through the whole panel. I don’t know what others do but I have had great performance over the years from an initial coat of etching primer. 



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