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Hello fellow engine compartment gazers....


I know I can probably score 75% on this test but rather than that I figured I would ask you all which holes you would absolutely fill before I paint.   Note the drivers side front radiator cut out is larger than normal I know that - I may have the shop fix that so my radiator no longer needs the flanges I made for it.  My gut tells me to make it original size by adding the four inches back in that the PO cut out for some reason associated with AC.  I do not have AC any more.  


I know this is daunting - forgive me - and best choice is if in doubt just fill it.  If there is a grommet or a pem nut leave it.  And lastly if I made the hole fill it.  🙂














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2 minutes ago, dlacey said:

Maybe the bigger rad aperture was to fit a turbo rad...these were about 4 inch wider. That certainly helps cooling

yessir - but I did not get that turbo feature.  🙂.  darn.

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On the front panel I would fill all the drilled holes and all the screw holes on the sides after all you can always redrill but if you leave them you'll never get fill them after painting.

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As above, most of the holes should be filled and ground flat. BMW used body screws for a lot of the fittings, would follow Dudelands recommendations to use rivnuts for the four radiator points and other heavier parts and grounding points. To right of radiator, there is only one grommeted hole for electrical to lights, horn, etc. (#4?). Upper left side has holes for relay and voltage regulator (1 & 4?).

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