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I just mounted my new 15" Moto-Lita steering wheel. I'm coming from Triumphs and Morris' so I wanted to feel at home. It was a bit spendy ($500) and they had to ship it from England, but as they would say, I'm well chuffed!


It's a bit close to the turn signal and high beam stalks but not too close. I added a thin spacer but I still had plenty of threads.







mota 3.jpg

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Moto Lita wood-rim wheels haven't changed in 40 years.  I have one on my Bugeye--scrounged out of a junkyard back in the late '70s, with the wood all warped and delaminating.  I restored it--probably have 30+ hours in flattening and re-gluing the wood, many coats of varnish and several hours polishing the spokes.  But it sure looks good.  As does yours.


Happy motoring.



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Just taken this Moto-Lita off of my car for some refurbishment, it's been on my black car from new in 1973... black crackle alloy boss and chromed steel hornpush. Slightly dished which helps with stalk clearance.





In my tropical climate these alloy woodrim wheels are challenging... In the afternoon sun the alloy parts really will burn your fingers...just touching the wood is difficult, the rivets are also painful... Must remember welding gloves next time.

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