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And who doesn’t love a project? Fairly ambitious on the price for a rusty ‘74 tii that doesn’t currently run or drive. Always worth looking, however, but that rust peaking out next to the stamped chassis VIN on the right inner fender is concerning. If that rust is coming through the inner fender, and didn’t originate as exterior surface rust, you could be looking at one very rusty car!








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8 hours ago, resra said:

Im not seeing a cowl notch and therefore all that damage caused by trying to install a tii engine on a carb body??? I'm just guessing from the looks of the photos. Also, no original VIN plate from what looks like. Again, my guesses. 

Here’s what I’m seeing: everyone sees something different. There is a cowl notch (green circle in first photo) with serious damage done to the firewall top flange on both sides of the notch (red circles in first photo). There are two tii airbox brackets on the left inner fender (blue circles in first photo), the rear one having been bent backwards against the inner fender.


The stamped chassis VIN on the right inner fender looks correct, albeit painted over as part of an amazingly bad paint job (second photo). The riveted-on VIN tag on the right front inner fender also looks correct, albeit in poor condition (third photo).


I’m not having a problem believing this is an authentic tii.


Best regards,









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