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All...searched but can't seem to find a diagram or picture of the 2002 with the placement and type of clips with size of holes for the rocker install.   I will be installing BOTH the belt trim all around AND rocker trim both sides....but the PO filled all the holes in these two areas before repainting my car.....so really have no reference.  The diagrams are so hard (impossible) to read.  I got a good photo earlier in the month for the belt line but haven't been able to source any detail on the rocker trim.  Is there a good diagram out there somewhere showing 1. what type of clip 2. where they are places 3. hole size to be drilled?...or am I forced to fly blind.  I am a little nervous drilling what will effectively be +- 50 holes in my car between all the trim work....wonder if I should get a professional body guy to do it 😕


Thank you very much.

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Lots good information on the topic, but may not have holes dimension. Someone is in resto mode could possibly come up with dimensions.  Just read thru the topics and should be able put the puzzle together.



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4 minutes ago, esty said:

getting holes centered for clips is more critical than spacing


100%...which is causing me the most anxiety.  There are so many holes I have to drill on this car....and if I give it to a body shop, I am not sure if they are going to bring any more commitment to quality than I would?!

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