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Dieseling and starting help.

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Was looking for some opinions from the engine gurus. Here is the daily routine for my 1974 base 2002 with a 38/38 downdraft, bored intake and IE street header and exhaust.


1) Starts right up when cold.

2) Once warm, idles around 800 rpm, runs great and the AFR reads about 13.5  while cruising.

3) After driving for a while, shutting it off has about 3-6 seconds of run on, if I don’t intentionally stall it.

4) Restarting after it being warm takes quite a few cranks and one or two taps of the accelerator pedal.


Checked the carb and it seems to be tuned and jetted well with proper float adjustment. Checked timing and that seems good. Any reason why it would run so well, but have such a hard time restarting after being warm? Fuel delivery problem, timing issue, general engine gremlin? Thanks for any advice.

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