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Reconditioning rear drive flanges

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I've got a complete set of rear trailing arms/hubs/axles that I'm reconditioning.  These are in good shape, but the car they came off of had been sitting in a field for the past 10 years, so they are pretty grungy with dirt, light surface rust (patina!), and grease.  I'd like to get them media blasted and then paint them.  This would work for the arms, but I'm not sure how to clean up what BMW calls the drive flanges (#8 in the pic).  The flanges have crud on them that I can mostly remove with a mild fiber disc on an angle die grinder, but I'm hesitant about going at them with something as aggressive as a scotch brite wheel. I could bead blast them, but I'm concerned they might start rusting if I take off any coating.  Alternatively, they may not have a coating, and I should be sanding/blasting away!  Any suggestions?

Output flange.jpg

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These are best done by getting them media blasted and then plated.    I do both plating and powder coating at my shop.   This is something that does better getting plated or being done with Cerakote.     And if you go the plating route, I would also do the axle bits as well  #1   and then also do the main nut and all the spacer plates and bolts that hold the CV's to the axles and then ..........   it can just go on with more bits and pieces


Thanks, Rick

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Thanks for the suggestions.  This is for a track car, and I'm not sure plating is justified.  But I don't want it to rust after media blasting.


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