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Price: $12500
Location: San Diego/ LA

This is my 1969 BMW 2002. This car is a very good driver. I've driven it to LA a few times from SD without any issue or any worries. Before I bought this car it had sat on jack stands without an engine for 2 years. I've only owned it for about a year now so I'm sad to see it go.

About the car:
Fixed 2 piston single inlet calipers, not sure what type of car this is from.
Drilled and slotted rotors.
Big front and rear sway bars, not sure the size or brand, but not stock size.
Poly bushing everything, trailing arms, control arms, sway bar end links, diff mounts, poly inserts in rear subframe mounts.
steel braided brake lines all around.
H&R spring and shocks all around.
Racing Dynamic wheels that are very light.
Some type of headers.
IE tubro flares.
Magnaflow muffler.
New carpet on the interior.
Seats are from a Miata.
Driveshaft was serviced by oceanside driveline.
Resealed most of the motor, oil pan, Valve cover intake manifold gaskets.
New spark plugs and wires.
Electronic ignition(no points)
E21 320i master cylinder.
Fresh gear oil in differential and transmission.
Resurfaced flywheel.
New entire clutch.

While the motor was out I checked the crankshaft end play and did a leak down test, both within spec. Prior owner had the head rebuilt and had very little to no miles on it. You could still see the blue lapping paste on the valve seats. This paste usually gets washed away from gas within a few hundred miles.


Some of the bad: 
Cosmetically it looks little run down, the single stage paint isn't shinny any more.
It has some rust spots shown in the pictures, although there is no structural rust at all.
The transmission has bad sychros in gear 1 and 2, meaning it grinds little when shifting into gear. You can shift okay without any grinding if you shift slowly. I can get my hands on another 4 speed transmission if this bothers you too much, and either I can put it in or I can putt in the trunk for you. This is at an extra cost.
Seeps little oil out of the transmission output shaft seal, not enough to have drips on the ground. The car has no other oil leaks or seeps at all, Very dry.
Differential is little noisy also...whines little.


Possible trades, and i could be interested in a partial trades with money on top, cash is king.

I can help organize shipping also..

If I don't pick up a phone call then text or leave me a voicemail. 


1 760 715 9464




















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