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I'm wondering if the forward rubber grommet behind the turn signal lights that I'm using as a pass through for an extra permanent good ground was originally a water drain of some kind.  I added these grounds a couple years ago when I put in Superbright LED's. My new light assembly is in much better shape that the previous one, the grey gasket is even in decent shape and the lens is clear, not cracked. I find it nice to have the extra ground when troubleshooting the light functions since I've seem the lights work fine before attaching to the body, but once jammed in there no longer work.


So what about that forward most grommet?




PO used the overspray king of all time. HiHi



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The forward-most grommet is actually for the wires; the rear one is the drain.  Early cars don't have the drain hose; dunno when they started adding 'em, but my '69 doesn't have 'em.  I think there as much to let condensation out as actual water from rain, etc.



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I have a hard time seeing that water will drain completely and not have a puddle in the cavity with a grommet sitting higher than the sheet metal.  Sort of like having a floor drain that sits above the floor.  Leave the grommet out of the hole that is supposed to be the drain.  A grounding wire doesn't need to be insulated from the steel.

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I suspect that Mike's right about it being more of a vent hole than a drain.  The photos I've seen of the original "grommet" it has a tail that hangs down an inch or so.  My guess is that they were concerned with water coming off of the road/top of the tire getting thrown up through the hole.


John76 posted this photo in a recent thread on the topic --


The front hole is for the wires, the rear hole is the drain....at least that is how my '76 came when new.


turn signal wires.jpg


( taken from here -- https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/262999-front-indicator-wiring-grommet/?do=findComment&comment=1416730 )




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