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Where specifically does the rear wiring run from the footwell to the trunk?  It's it inside or beside the left rocker?  I had new rockers done at the bodyshop. Left rear running light blows a fuse and the right had no power. Almost as if there was a screw driven into the harness somewhere. So I need to know where to inspect. Thanks ahead of time for the help!

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AFAIK all 02s, squarelight or roundie, have a wiring bundle that runs along the inner rocker (the door sill riser) under the carpet.  It passes under the flat panel that holds the seat fore-and-aft adjuster, continues along the inner rocker by the sill in the back seat footwell, passes through another hole in the rear seat cushion riser, through the space under the back seat and through yet another hole in the panel that divides the trunk from the passenger compartment.  From there it runs up the left inner fender well, disappears under the plywood trunk floor, running between the spare tire well and the left rear quarter panel, and then divides to serve the two tail light assemblies and the license plate lights--also the fuel sender unit, IIRC.  I can't picture a place where a screw driven through the outer rockers would affect that wiring harness. 


I'd check for a dead short on all the items on the same circuit as your left tail light, and then check where the wiring that feeds the right tail light assembly branches off from the left tail light.  


happy hunting


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On the '76, the left and right rear running lights are on different fuses, no?  I don't know off-hand about the other models, but I was just dealing with this on mine- PO ran jumpers from left to right to get them to work instead of figuring out why the right wasn't working...


Just occurred to me- probably a safety thing, so if you blow one fuse you don't lose both taillights.

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Here are a couple of pics of my '76 as it was coming apart. There is a hole under the left side C pillar that has some foam in it, it runs through there, down the top of the left rear wheel well, then up the rocker, over the seat support, back down to the rocker. There are little metal clips that bend and hold it in place.






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3 hours ago, irdave said:

On the '76, the left and right rear running lights are on different fuses, no? 

Dave is exactly right--the reason the left and right tail lights are on different fuses and different wires is to allow the front parking lights and tail lights on each side to operate together for night-time on-street parking in Europe, which requires the outboard lights to be illuminated by selecting a right or left turn with the turn signal stalk while the ignition is off. 


For some reason, at least 72 and 73 US cars have this feature functioning, but I don't think the US squarelights do--and earlier roundies can be pretty easily modified for this feature to work.  


But to help answer the original poster's question, the wires for both sets of tail lights run through that same bundle that Papa G illustrated.



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