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First break all nuts and bolts loose while everything is still bolted to the car needed to remove what you want, it's a lot harder to break the bolts loose when the parts are removed.


I would start with the 2 large castle nuts that hold the center link to the pitman an idler arms, then the smaller castle nuts on the tie rods. Then the inner lower control arm bolts and work your way outwards loosening everything your going to take apart. Use a pickle fork or ball joint separator to take the center link and tie rods off.


Next remove the lower control arm bolts and swaybar links and brakes then support the whole assembly with a jack and carefully unbolt the 3 upper shock mounting bolts and lower the assembly.


Then you can take the strut and control arm apart and replace everything. I would suggest you replace the ball joints too while your at it, also a good time too replace rubber brake lines or upgrade them to stainless steel lines.

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You say 'front strut'- are you putting a new damper into your strut housing?


If'n so, you'll want a spring compressor.




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4 hours ago, halboyles said:

And a good one too.  Saw a friend almost loose his one and only face from an exploding MacPherson strut spring and cap.  

I had a friend that used some cheap spring compressors on his miata strut with lowering spring and one popped off sending the slightly loaded lowering spring into his face. He was lucky it wasn't a factory spring with more loaded tension, he looked like he'd gone a couple rounds with a heavyweight boxing champion. 


When it comes to safety spend the extra money for the proper quality tool and/or part so you don't end up spending more on hospital bills.

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