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St. Louis/Midwest 2002 Restoration Shops

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So, I have two 1975 2002's. The Jadegrun is totally stock, down to me replacing the original plug wires recently. Typical tank rust issues, but no real rust anywhere else we can find. I will get under it to give a better look. This one I will use as our weekend driver, as it currently is running pretty well and the issues it has, I can fix. If it gets a restoration, I would do it as original.


The other 1975 is "complete but not running". Meaning it has been in the barn for the last....20 years? Not even sure it was running when stored(we think it wasn't, it was going to be a project car.) This one I need opinions on. Should I go for an original restoration(it is NOT a ti/tii car) or a racing tribute resto mod?  Since it will need all new parts for everything, I am leaning towards racing tribute resto mod, as I think the price point may come in much lower than restoring to original.





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You can start the conversation with Greg at Bimmers R Us in StL.  He will be able to help and steer you in the right direction.  Their number is 314-752-3800.  We have an 11 car group here in St. Louis so send me your email and I will add you to our group email. 

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I second the recommendation for Bimmer R Us.  The mechanical and body work on my car was done by my brother Chris who has a 72tii project on the horizon.  My 73tii is at JT Auto Body for a multi-week spa treatment and paint.  If you want to come by and introduce yourself, we can look at this and provide some advice, etc.  My cell is 636 399 9151.  We also have a good friend Pete Zekert who started his mechanical career on Mini's and '02's and he can give you some suggestions on the project car.  Pete found my 73 in south eastern PA from a BMW racer who did not have the time to do the restoration.

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17 hours ago, Son of Marty said:

No thoughts on a restorer. On how to proceed I vote for one stock and one mod'd car what fun would two of the same thing be?

I don't have time for two! One is going to be sold.


Thanks everyone for their suggestions! I will email SMM2002 and call David Layton tomorrow or this weekend. I will also try to touch base with Greg at BimmersRUs.  With spring hitting with a bang, we are swamped with chores. I still have to do the annual PM on the tractor, along with a tire repair on it. There's 3/4 of one day shot...

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1 hour ago, Pinaman said:

May want to try to find Ben Thongsai (SP).  I know he's in the mid-west, IL, Chicago area maybe?  I've seen several of his restorations and S14 conversions, phenomenal work!


Ben Thongsai is/was west of Chicago:

B & D Import Car Repair 
9830 Derby Ln
Westchester, IL 60154
(708) 450-0300


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