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steve's having trouble fitting the driver side fender...we are having to replace the nose so we reinstalled the doors, fenders and hood...when everything is together all gapes are as close to perfect as it comes but we are having a problem with the driver side fender.


we have 3 fenders, never wrecked, all with the same results...the fender sticks out at the center and bottom, at the door just like the door does in the picture i've included..it is fit against the frame as closely as it will go...what's up?

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we watched other video made by that guy but missed that one...it answered the question...Steve thought about grinding down the back lip that bolts to the door frame but he was hesitant...now it's full steam ahead....THANKS


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how ironic, I just did this task today 

Was not too bad, although I did have to use a floor jack and block of wood to position the fender so the top horizontal screws would line up with the holes in the fender.  That and beat the headlight surround area with a small hammer to make fit into that socket around the headlight.  


All in All no big deal. but wait till I install the doors and find out it's all whacked!  


but what do I know



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