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It's not much but it'll be a nice car one of these days

Koogleworks front.  

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11 hours ago, Son of Marty said:

Technically in the front it a air dam, spoilers are fitted to the rear of a car.😉

Three different definitions

:spoiler is an automotive aerodynamic device whose intended design function is to 'spoil' unfavorable air movement across a body of a vehicle in motion, usually described as turbulence or drag. Spoilers on the front of a vehicle are often called air dams.


spoiler is an object which forms part of an aircraft's wings or part of the body of a car. It changes the flow of air around the vehicle, allowing an aircraft to change direction or making a car's forward movement more efficient.



a similar device for changing the airflow past a moving vehicle, often having the form of a transverse fin or blade mounted at the front or rear to reduce lift and increase traction at high speeds
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21 hours ago, halboyles said:

Full body kit on our '71 1600.  Custom formed by the PO out of solid steel.



It seems like sheet metal would have been a much simpler choice, not to mention the weight !

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1 hour ago, Lorin said:

It seems like sheet metal would have been a much simpler choice, not to mention the weight !

I think I misrepresented the construction.  What I meant to imply was that it was all sheet metal not fiberglass or bondo.

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