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BluntTech Front Bumper Conversion and Front License Plate

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Hi All,


I'm in the process of buying the BluntTech bumper conversion kit for my '74, and am wondering how the front license plate mounts. Unfortunately, here in New Jersey, a front plate is still required for my car. Is there some sort of alteration that is needed, or holes that need to be drilled?


I have a question in with BluntTech on this, but I wanted to check with anyone here that actually had to put such a solution into practice on their car.





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Your front bumper centre section should have 2 holes in it distanced for the Euro licence plates. You need the bracket that allows you to mount a US plate.


See pics.




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If you're installing a used chrome (roundie or Euro) front bumper, they came from the factory with a couple of holes already drilled.  Unfortunately they're drilled for a European (long) license plate, even the US cars.  If the previous owner of your bumper didn't drill holes for a standard US plate, you can either buy an adapter bracket from your favorite BMW parts vendor, or drill holes yourself, using the front license plate as a template. 


You can also take the old front plate holder from your aluminum bumper, drill a couple of mounting holes in it halfway between the top and bottom and then mount it to your new bumper.  That'll position the plate so that it's halfway above and halfway below the bumper blade; that looks a lot better than having it all above or all below the bumper.


Finally, get on your state legislator to do away with front plates. Lots of states have done or are doing that.



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4 minutes ago, ricsix said:

do you know where a fella would pick up such brackets if they are needed? 


16 hours ago, John_in_VA said:


EDIT -- Oops, you answered your own question.  


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