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1976 BMW 2002a project for sale (recaros, LSD, wilwood)

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Price: $5000
Location: Stamford, CT

I am listing for sale my 1976 BMW 2002 automatic for sale.  VIN - 2393079.  Listed mileage - 88,689 (not accurate, fully explained below)


 I'll give a brief rundown of it's current status before going into some history.


It ran and drove until November, when I let it sit for winter.  I ran the gas low before letting it sit, and am confident with some gas and maybe some other fresh fluids it will kick up again.  I would recommend that who ever purchases this be ready to have it trailered however.  I last changed oil myself in April 2020.  You can see the shape of the exterior and interior in photos that I took 4/3/2021.  The exterior has paint chipping and trouble spots in the fenders, hood.  The undercarriage was coated and possibly re-coated?, and that did help protect most of it as it remains solid, despite being dirty from this winter.  The interior is in great shape.


I purchased this 2002 in May 2015 from a lady in MA.  The original seats were torn with duck tape, the exhaust was rotted, the brake booster was done and according to her, the odometer stopped working "less than 10,000 miles ago".  None of this deterred me as I was purchasing this vehicle for a project.  I purchased it and drove it very little so as not to add miles on it while accumulating parts for repair.  With less than 100 miles I estimated I put on it, in Feb 2016 I had the odometer fixed, Ireland Engineering exhaust, downpipe and shorty ceramic header installed, door latch and door brakes fixed, brake booster replaced, vintage recaro seats re-upholstered and installed, raid steering wheel installed, windshield spray nozzles replaced, transmission fluid replaced, and the side view mirror replaced.  I have a receipt for this work I will include in a binder with what documents I have.  All this work was performed by Vantage Motors in Stamford CT.  I do not have the original seats.  It was never unwilling to start or had any mechanical issues in the time I owned it.  It always seemed to be excited and ready for it's next drive.  I do have the original steering wheel and brake booster in the trunk in case someone would like to refurbish them.


Since then I have accumulated a wide range of parts, uninstalled.  All of which I am including with this sale.  They are:

A limited slip differential from a 1981 BMW 320i with an e36 318i spool and adapter for BMW 2002

Urethane engine mounts

Weber DCOE 45 carbs, used, will probably need going over

123 ignition tune+ bluetooth for m10 engine

A used set of trailing arms I was going to refurbish and replace current ones with

Refurbished controlling arms from Ireland Engineering

Wilwood BBK for 13" wheels with 320i single line replacement and 2 pc slotted light rotors

Rear drum upgrade kit from IE

Differential Bushing Carrier

Billet Rear Stub Axles

Ireland Engineering Spring and Sway Bar kit (stage 2)

Front and Rear Urethan bushing kit

CV boot kit

Rear Bilstein Sport shocks

Front and Rear Wheel bearing kits

Dapper Lighting 7" Classic V1's in black.


I believe there is more, but that is what I know for sure for now off the top of my head.  Whatever I have, I will include.


Original owner's manual and some other paperwork included, along with a binder with some various receipts.  1 original key and 1 copy I had made.


I think the quality of the interior and the extra parts helps make up for the value.  I am not looking to part out yet, I'd like to sell as a whole.  The new owner would definitely have the ability to sell the parts and easily make up the price listed.  I regret not finishing this project and it does tear at my heart.  These are special vehicles as we all know.  I hope this vehicle specifically will be able to serve some purpose to another enthusiast.  I am selling to pursue 2 wheeled adventures myself.  The car is currently registered in CT, no title is required for cars this old. 


Please contact me with any questions or comments or anything you think I may have missed which is entirely possible.  Please know e-mail is best!!  Bukperaj@gmail.com


Thank you for looking!






































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I wish you were closer to take a run at this. I have seen a few of these type projects pop up locally with far less to offer than yours at 3 times the asking. Great looking seats and the dash doesn't seem to show its age from the rest of the car.  If your a body and metal guy, this would be something of interest...IMHO.


BTW, not that its a deal breaker, I am assuming it's number matching?



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26 minutes ago, joysterm said:

I wish you were closer to take a run at this. I have seen a few of these type projects pop up locally with far less to offer than yours at 3 times the asking. Great looking seats and the dash doesn't seem to show its age from the rest of the car.  If your a body and metal guy, this would be something of interest...IMHO.


BTW, not that its a deal breaker, I am assuming it's number matching?



 It is numbers matching yes.  Additional pics provided, I missed adding them I am sorry.  I hit the engine block with some degreaser so that is why it appears wet, and to get the stamp to show better.


And thank you for the kind words, appreciated.  The seats came out fantastic and I almost felt guilty sitting in them.  I wish I had before and after pics (I may some where) but Phil from Vantage motors (if he is still there) took them apart completely, sourced new foam and the bmw black vinyl and is just an amazing craftsman as you can see in the end result.



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11 hours ago, Georges said:

You definitely were on the correct path with the parts and work you did.  It's a shame it didn't work out. I feel for you.

I appreciate that.  If anything, I'm hoping that at least the next owner will have a head start in getting this one back where she deserves.  Even if it's a different route.  

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